Better safe than sorry: legal guidelines for influencer marketing



With the increasing use of influencer marketing in 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced some endorsement guidelines. Officially, these guidelines only apply in the United States. But prepare for a stricter regulation to spread to other countries too. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Up to 93 percent of paid endorsements remain undisclosed by both brands and influencers. In 2017, the FTC already filed a case against individual influencers who failed to disclose ownership ties for paid sponsorship promotions.

FTC Endorsement Guidelines

The infographic below, made by Mediakix, shows a summary of the new FTC guidelines. The bottom line of all these rules is to be more transparent about influencer partnerships.


Influencer Marketing



How does Chase Creative cater to your influencer marketing needs?
  • helping you to develop a social story
  • selecting the best social platforms to tell your story
  • finding the most relevant social influencers on this platform
  • picking the right size of influencers
  • communicating with the influencers
  • following up on the campaign by retrieving statistics from the influencers

Examples of our work are the influencer campaigns we made for Warner MusicSummerfestival and Doctors Without Borders.

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