This is why social stories work better than advertising

social stories


Day by day, it is getting more difficult to reach out to your audience. A constantly growing number of media messages is trying to catch our attention. Social storytelling is a means of directing that attention towards your own brand. Want more engagement? Tell a story that’s irresistible to share. Want more loyalty? Connect with your audience by sharing common values in a genuine story. So why do social stories work better than advertising?


Social stories have a strong narrative

Since humankind was able to communicate, we have been telling stories as a way to share and process information. A study called ‘Speaker-listener coupling’ concluded that when a speaker tells a story to a listener their brainwaves will start to form similar patterns. So telling stories leads to better communication and comprehension, compared to brief, mass advertising. As a brand that uses social storytelling, you get the chance to connect on a deeper level with your audience. However, this only works when the speaker tells a coherent, well-structured story, hence the importance of good storytelling. When you think of a good story, keep this in mind: ‘Interesting people doing interesting things in interesting places’. To know more about social storytelling properly done, check out this article.


Social stories build a connection with your audience

But of course, not everyone with a story is telling social stories. The magic happens when people feel connected to that person and consider them as a peer that is part of their community. They feel someone is ‘like them’. This feeling is very powerful and leads to a growth of genuine interest and trust. Social storytelling is when you watch a 10-minute long video of Action Bronson every week because you trust his taste for food. It’s not like your regular tv commercial told by someone you don’t know.


Social stories trigger a strong emotional response

Because social stories start with peers from the same community, their message will have a bigger emotional impact than commercials. People genuinely care about the stories their peers share and they have common interests. Social stories are relatable and that’s what makes them powerful when it comes to triggering emotions. Take this social story video for example. How emotional do you think you would feel if a family member shared this with you?


Social stories make people want to share your story

People trust, listen and take part in interesting social stories told by peers. If your story is authentic and has ‘social potential’, people will share it. In comparison to selling, with social stories, there is a two-way conversation. This dynamic, word of mouth (both online and offline) makes brands and people popular. People choose for popular brands and will stick to them.


Why take your social stories to Chase Creative?

We create genuine social stories that build brand communities. We specialize in social content such as social videos, influencer marketing campaigns, blog posts and audio stories. Always keeping the focus on one thing: people trust your story if it’s social and engaging. Social Strategy is a service that fits content and management in a wider social strategy. Our social story experience helps you to reach your campaign goals.

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Pictures by Trudy Kazangu