Why do social stories work better than advertising?


Day by day, it is getting more difficult to reach out to your audience. Not only because of the constant growing numbers of media messages trying to catch our attention. Also because of a global drop in trust. Let us explain why social stories work better than advertising.

Edelmann, one of the biggest pr-agencies in the world, has been researching trust for a long time. In their trust research of 2017 they detected a major drop in trust in official institutions including businesses and advertising.

a graph showing that trust in traditional media declines the most, one of the reasons social stories work better than advertising

People trust social stories and their peers over official institutions

In the same Edelman Trust report we also read that people trust social media over traditional media. Traditional media and advertising are even registered for the biggest decline in trust over all institutions. Even the same company message gets more trust on its own social media account than in its advertising. Any message has a lot more potential to make a difference on social media than on more traditional media channels.  

Mind that their research shows that trust didn’t just decline, but that it shifted: people started to trust each other more than official institutions. In this day and age thé best ambassadors of a message are people like you and me. And that is the sort of story we tell at Chase Creative: stories that take the point of view of the people you can relate to and that engage you to take part in the conversation. In short … social stories.

social story of a group of friends from mixed descent eating candyfloss

The power of social stories

People trust, listen and take part in interesting social stories told by peers. If your story is authentic and has ‘social potential’, people will share it. This way, word of mouth (both online and offline) makes brands and people popular. People choose for popular brands and will stick to them.


How does Chase cater to your social story needs?

Video is one of the story formats that has greater potential on social media than other formats. We make social videos that focus on engagement and that have all the essentials for becoming successful.  Furthermore, we also help you to gain the honest support of social influencers. We tell your story together with creatives that have gained the trust of lots of followers online because of their numerous passionate online discussions. Always keeping the focus on one thing: people trust your story if it’s social and engaging.

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Pictures by Trudy Kazangu